Wondering How Hearing Aids Work?

Wondering How Hearing Aids Work?

Learn how our Faribault, MN clinic can help with hearing loss

Hearing aids are used to treat mild to severe hearing loss. They consist of three main parts: the microphone, the amplifier and the speaker. The microphone first receives the sound signal. Then, the amplifier strengthens the signal and passes it to the speaker. When all three parts are working properly, people who experience hearing loss are able to better hear the world around them.

The Hearing Care Center has years of experience working with hearing aids, and we'll take the time to explain everything to you. Visit one of our clinics in Faribault, MN to learn more.

Explore the 3 main types of hearing aids

If you've recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, you may be wondering what your treatment options are. Here are three of the most common types of hearing aids:

  1. Behind-the-ear: These consist of a plastic case worn behind the ear; the case is connected to a mold that fits inside the outer ear.
  2. In-the-ear: These fit entirely inside the outer ear; these are typically not worn by children, as the casing needs to be replaced as the child grows.
  3. Canal: These are custom-fitted to be contained entirely within the ear canal; they are very difficult to notice.

We'll help you select the type of hearing aid that's best for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.