What a beautiful Sound!
Take your ability to hear back!

What a beautiful Sound!

Our personalized hearing care can help you begin your journey to better hearing and finding your own beautiful sounds!

Imagine if you could hear well without struggling or reading people's lips! The first sound you hear clearly would be the most beautiful sound to you!

Hear, Communicate & Celebrate

Love has never been so clear!

Hear the voices of the one you share so much time with

Find each other again through communication and conversation! The sweetest words you could hear all those years can be heard again with our help!
Say I LOVE YOU and say it effortlessly with our hearing aid technology!

Rebuilding your abilities to communicate
Hear, Communicate and Celebrate

Rebuilding your abilities to communicate

We are passionate to help you

Being proactive instead of reactive and getting annual hearing exams will keep you well informed if any changes transpire since your last visit.
We will do our very best to give you meaningful and simple recommendations and warning signs to watch for through each year.
When you become part of HCC, you will receive the utmost support and guidance through your hearing journey.
We can help with:
~Hearing Evaluations and Functional Test Measures
~Education support for you the patient as well as your loved ones
~Demonstration of our hearing aids from basic Knowledge to high end advanced hearing technology options
~Audiology Simple wax removal
~Hearing aid cleaning, repair, maintenance and preventative measure training

Hearing Aid Service
Hear, Communicate & Celebrate

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Mankato Regal Building 600 Reed Street Suite 115 Mankato, MN 56001
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Neubauer Chiropractic Building 1316 S. Broadway Street Suite 103 New Ulm
Hutchinson Medical Center- 3 Century Ave SE Hutchinson, MN 55350
Serenity Building-225 3rd Ave NW Hutchinson
Olson Optical-302 1st Ave S. St. James, MN
Albert Lea office 203 South Washington Albert Lea, MN
Victoria Bldg. 717 South State Street Fairmont, MN 56031




Hearing Care Centers is honored to help you and your loved ones get back to the conversations you have always cherished! We provide ultimate care with professional and personable care to get you hearing your very best!
Contact our office today to set up a FREE Full Hearing Exam! We want to see you every year to make sure nothing has changed in your hearing. We will NEVER charge you to have your hearing tested! We feel it's so important to maintain good healthy hearing observation each and every year!
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